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noodle icons
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[miniseries] N&S; Margaret b&w
Old and new icons I was too lazy to post before. They're from different episodes including some from Season 4, but there's nothing spoiler-y if you haven't seen the last few episodes.


Well, let me see - we've got slow death, quick death, painful death, cold, lonely death...Collapse )

Caps from

Comment, credit, don't hotlink and feel free to friend this journal :D

26th-Aug-2007 02:10 am - 23 Secret Service Icons
[miniseries] N&S; Margaret b&w
If you haven't read Secret Service, by perseph2hades , then you should. Right now. Ignore the icons and GO READ, because it is AWESOME. GO. Join. Read. Drool and pant. Then come back and check the icons.

- 01 Casey Benedict (Robert Redford)
- 02 Gary Gordon (he's more of a guest star of sorts but he's GARY <3) (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau)
- 05 Harper Yates (Gerard Butler)
- 12 Jason "Tommy" Tomlin (Clive Owen)
- 03 Text


Secret ServiceCollapse )
4th-Apr-2007 12:02 pm - Huge post of doom :)
[miniseries] N&amp;S; Margaret b&amp;w
Band Of Brothers 20
Robin Hood (BBC) 09
Hex 14 (These are old but I hadn't posted them together yet)
Stock 18
Text 05


I have a plan and it's as hot as my pants!Collapse )
28th-Jan-2007 12:21 pm - BoB RPG Quotes
[miniseries] N&amp;S; Margaret b&amp;w
BoB RPG Quotes:
-SHHQ: 05
-LitE: 11
-DeM: 07


crackiness under cutCollapse )
28th-Jan-2007 11:09 am - Welcome!
[miniseries] N&amp;S; Margaret b&amp;w

Welcome to Noodle Icons, suka_sukita's icon and graphic journal.

I planned to do this a long time ago, but, as probably everybody knows, i'm laaaaazy (besides, school and music school unfortunately take a lot of my time). Anyway, here i'll post all my art related stuff, which includes icons, headers, drawings (once i finish school), etc.

The rules are simple: comment, credit and don't hotlink. Constructive criticism is always welcome, except for when i'm on the period, but don't worry, i'll let you know when that is :D

For more info, look here.

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